Secure Your Legacy with a Living Trust

Discover the key to securing your assets and ensuring a seamless transfer to your chosen beneficiaries. As a Certified Delivery Trust Agent we specialize in Living Trusts, and stand ready to guide you through the process and notarize your documents.

What is a Living Trust?

It's a legal document that takes control of some of your assets during your lifetime. You choose the trustee who controls that trust and transfers the assets to the beneficiaries you choose. The assets in a trust pass outside of probate and outside of your will.

We can help you with your Living Trust as a Notary Delivery Agent. We will work with you or your attorney as a notary public. It's important to remember that we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or write trusts, but we do work with several firms that we would be glad to refer you to.

Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent

I'm thrilled to share the exciting news of my latest professional achievement – becoming a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent (CNTDA). This special designation signifies my commitment to excellence and expertise in the meticulous delivery of trust documents.

What is a CNTDA?

A Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent is a credentialed notary who has undergone advanced training and rigorous testing. This specialized certification equips me to skillfully present and execute trust documents, ensuring a seamless process for both the public and estate planning professionals.

This distinction enhances my passion for serving you and other estate planning professionals, contributing to the peace of mind for families across the country. I invite you to book a conversation with me today to explore how my expertise can benefit you and your clients.

What will a Living Trust Do?

A living trust will keep your estate out of the court system and provide you with a feeling of security knowing that your wealth will pass to your beneficiaries. Many people make the mistake of believing that having a will is enough to avoid probate.
If you are a homeowner and your home is not part of a living trust you are encouraged to evaluate your estate needs and protect your family with a living trust. It serves as an insulating layer of privacy and generally a couple with a house and/or with children may benefit from a living trust as their heirs can avoid a timely and costly probate process and will keep your estate out of the court system.

Frequently asked questions

Can you do it yourself?

Yes, when you create A DIY living trust, there are no attorneys involved in the process. You will need to choose a trustee who will be in charge of managing the trust assets and distributing them. Some forms will need to be notarized and we will come to your location and notarize the necessary forms in your trust, but we cannot provide legal advice.

How does a Living Trust differ from a Will?

A Living Trust operates during your lifetime, allowing you to manage and control your assets, while a Will takes effect after your passing. Unlike a Will, a Living Trust bypasses probate, ensuring a smoother and more private transfer of assets.

What role does a Notary Delivery Agent play in the Living Trust process?

A Notary Delivery Agent specializes in facilitating the notarization of Living Trust documents. We collaborate with you or your attorney to ensure the proper execution of necessary forms, adding a professional touch to your estate planning.

Can I create a Living Trust on my own, or do I need an attorney?

Yes, you can create a DIY Living Trust, but it's crucial to note that we do not provide legal advice or draft trusts. Our role is to assist in notarizing the required forms. If legal guidance is necessary, we're happy to refer you to reputable professionals.

How does a Living Trust benefit homeowners specifically?

For homeowners, a Living Trust serves as a vital tool to keep their estate out of the court system. This not only provides an extra layer of privacy but also helps heirs avoid a potentially lengthy and costly probate process.

Is a Living Trust suitable for everyone, or are there specific situations where it's more beneficial?

While a Living Trust offers advantages to many, it's particularly beneficial for individuals or couples with real estate holdings and children. This legal tool streamlines asset transfer, avoiding probate complexities, and ensuring a smooth transition of wealth to beneficiaries.

 What sets our Notary Delivery Agent service apart from others?

Our Notary Delivery Agent service stands out due to our expertise in Living Trust notarization. We focus on providing a seamless and professional experience, working closely with you or your attorney. Additionally, our commitment to client satisfaction and collaboration sets us apart in delivering peace of mind to families.

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As Living Trust Delivery Agent we strive to deliver, present, and verify your documents and details promptly and professionally. As an LTDA we also provide mobile notary services and will notarize your documents requiring a notary stamp. We are mobile and will meet with you at your preferred location helping alleviate any burden or stress associated with getting everything in your Trust organized and signed as quickly and easily as possible.

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